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NBISS GCH. Plaza's Save The Last Dance JH  x CH. Szizlin Tarot Red-Tailed Raptor JH

DNA #  V743943     Born: April 18, 2014    

CHIC: #114211   

OFA VZ-4521G25F-VPI    VZ-EYE275/7F-VPI     VZ-TH1160-21F-VPI  

"Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky!!!"


Iszotta has an outgoing, happy disposition that draws people to her. She is very smart, rather naughty and quite cute. The litter theme was classic cars (her dad after all is a Hummer), and she was Isotta Fraschini in the litter! At three months, Iszotta spent a month with our friend Donell and family (including  Hummer) out in Ohio so that she could grow up a bit and we could fulfill some plans - she has her dad's wonderful disposition, and this trip broadened her horizons as she tortured Donell's vizslas! being the only female in a litter with five brothers, Iszotta learned early on to stand on her own four feet! at six months, she is very social and outgoing and a delight to live with -- other than her penchant for ripping up dryer sheets, chewing on woodwork, ripping up sheetrock and dragging rocks/roots into the house!

Pictured above at 17 months of age - Iszotta was reserve to the major at the VCGNY Supported entry at Morris & Essex 2015, beautifully presented by Dennis Collins (he was not available for the photo)



At 17 months  Photos Courtesy of David Margolin




At 12 months



At 8 months


At Six Months





At four months

At 3 to 4 months, out in Ohio with her dad and family
In Doreen & Gary's RV!
At 8 weeks of age




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