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Russet Leather Indian Outlaw x CH. Szizlin's Ain't She Command'N JH ROM

OFA VZ-11167G32F-VPI     CERF #VZ-682           DOB: April 25, 2006     AKC DNA # V443911

"Shove the Show Ring! Take me Hunting!"

Ruffian was a member of the Manda-Brave Racehorse Liter, and was known in her litter of 5 girls and 4 boys as Ruffian. This was the last natural litter sired by Brave, and we feel blessed to have these babies. Ruffian lives her life with great exuberance!  she jumps all four feet off the ground like her great grandmother, Mandy, hence the Command'N in her name! Brand'A is in tribute to her daddy Brave & her mom Manda. When we picked her to stay with our family, the main reason was that there was just something about Ruffian (that was one name we considered). She continues to bring much joy to us, our little ruffy tuffy girl! her true love is hunting! she was chosen along with Vela to join Bruce on his first hunting excursion to South Dakota, and she had a blast! even though the male labradors in the hunting cabin thought she and Vela were awfully cute, and she and Vela had to spend a lot of time telling those labs to back off! and she has one pretty loud shriek when demanding to be chosen for a hunt.


Links To Ruffian's Litters

Ruffian Ivan Dezso Bodi Cully



Best Veteran in Sweeps VCLI Specialty (February 2017) and Best Veteran in Sweeps and Select Bitch at the VCCNE Specialty (April 2017)




Ruffian & Ptorrie (November 2014)



Barry and Ruffian
Ruffian Turning Two

Ruffian at 7 months (lying down) with her mom Manda (top left), her grandmother Ptoppir (top right) and her great grandmother Raisa (top center)

  Ruffian at Six Months    
                                                 Ruffian at Five Months                                                         
Ruffian At Eight Weeks
Ruffian and Her Siblings as Babies



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