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Carol & Bruce Phelps

 Marlborough, Connecticut

L - R: Ptoppir-Kestrel-Libby-Manda-Raisa-Pfalcon-Faithe-Vela   (2004)          


  The Vizslas We Live With Now...

Raina Ptorrie Ruffian Hepburn Lyra Brisbane Citori Zenyatta Iszotta Bacall Reasons

And The Vizslas We Lived With Then...

Maynard Mandy Raisa Pfalcon Libby Ptoppir Kestrel Manda Faithe Vela



L to RFront Row - Manda, Raina, Vela   Second Row - Heburn, Ptorrie & Brisbane   Third Row - Ruffian, City, Lyra, Zenyatta   Back Row - Faithe      September, 2012


Those Who Have Blessed Our Home
Faithe Vela
Manda Raina





Brisbane Lyra
Citori Zenyatta















Pfalcon and Mandy (mid-1990s)

    L - R: Ptoppir - Kestrel - Raisa - Pfalcon - Libby (2001)


Libby and Kestrel - 2000 VCA Nationals - Best Brace In Show - The Year After We Lost Carol Vola

Lyra & Brisbane - Three Days apart in age, constant playmates and BFF.

Chillin' on a December day - 2011                                                                                                                   

A Hassock Full of Vizslas - L to R: Raina, Kestrel, Ruffian, Ptorrie & Vela (2008)


L - R: Vela-Ptoppir-Kestrel-Manda-Faithe (2004)


         Bruce, Ptoppir & Raisa
 Danielle with Kestrel            &            Barry with Ptoppir


                   Those were the Days, My Friend....                       

In Loving Memory of Dear Friends Gone Too Soon
Talented Vizsla Breeders Lost Prematurely Who Had So Much More To Give, Including...



Stephanie Reeder, Kizmet Vizslas - Pictured below is part of the Westin Hotel Heavenly Bed advertisement featuring a couple of our puppies! we took them into NYC for a photo shoot - we had so much fun! Below that, Violet & Jete, Stephanie's dogs who lucked out and became members of the Miller family after we lost Stephanie.


Violet & Jete in 2017



Carol Vola, Copper Creek Vizslas

Copper-Creek Vizslas continues with Patsy & Bob Dahlinghaus at the helm

Pictured With her favorite judge, the late Mrs. Annie Rogers Clark


Barb Ehlers, Misty Hills Vizslas


Karen Berger, Red Wings Vizslas

Red Wings Vizslas continues with Bill Berger at the helm


And in loving memory of Bruce's mom, PAULINE PHELPS, an animal lover to the core who almost always had an animal in any photograph she was in, and to Carol's dad, JOHN W. BARRY,  a total animal lover who surrounded the family with all  kinds of animals on a gentlemen's farm in Deep River, CT.

 Carol's older brother John recently let us know that Dad, who had lived in Illinois, had two Great Danes (Folly & Citation) from the Evangers Kennels, and even showed a Great Dane as a puppy at a dog show in Chicago!  What a surprise to learn that - guess it is in the blood!

When circumstances made it impossible for dad to keep a dog,  Ci was placed with the Provost of Avon Old Farms School.

This article appeared in the Hartford Magazine section of the Hartford Courant in February, 1958.