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Pfalcon Chelsea Abbey '95 Effie Jessica Abbey '97 Kizzy Scully 3'98 Scully 12'98 Destin Ptoppir '00 Scarlett Berry Scully '01 Molly Maggie Purse Ptoppir '03 Lola 2'03 Sprite Daizee '03 Vickie Abby Lola 11'03 Dallas Daizee '04 Nellie '04 Spirit Vela Nellie '06 Basie Baci Carly



Alde Gale Force Pursuit UDX RE MH
OFA  VZ-6787E35F-T
Owner: Dee Chuisano
Breeder: Dee Chuisano

On June 24, 2002, Purse whelped 4 girls and 5 boys.



OFA  VZ-8710G24M-PI   CERF VZ-463
Owner: Dee Chuisano
Breeder: Dee Chuisano
CH. Aldesz Medal of Honor JH
Owner: John & Linda Morris
Breeder: Dee Chuisano
Aldesz Let Freedom Ring JH
OFA Not Being Done (Spayed)
Owner: Lesli Hyland
Breeder: Dee Chuisano

Aide SZ Miss Liberty JH
OFA  Not Being Done (Spayed)
Owner: Thomas DiBartholomeo
Breeder: Dee Chuisano
Libby at 13 (on right)
Aldesz Star Spangled Banner JH
OFA Not Being Done (Neutered)
Owner: Tony Warchut
Breeder: Dee Chuisano




Aldesz American Pride
OFA VZ-8949E27F-PI
Owner: Donna, Paul & Keira Gruhn
Breeder: Dee Chuisano

The Litter Turning Six

Indy at 6



Banner at 6



Kobi at 6


Liberty at 6



Belle at 6