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Pfalcon Chelsea Abbey '95 Effie Jessica Abbey '97 Kizzy Scully 3'98 Scully 12'98 Destin Ptoppir '00 Scarlett Berry Scully '01 Molly Maggie Purse Ptoppir '03 Lola 2'03 Sprite Daizee '03 Vickie Abby Lola 11'03 Dallas Daizee '04 Nellie '04 Spirit Vela Nellie '06 Basie Baci Carly




CH. Misty Hills Dynamic Destiny
OFA VZ-7412E41F-T
Owner: Barb Ehlers
Breeder: Barb Ehlers

On July 27, 2003, Vickie whelped 4 girls and 5 boys out of Pfalcon.




Vicky with Pindar & Chely


OFA VZ-9425G28M-PI
Owner: Barb Ehlers
Breeder: Barb Ehlers
OFA VZ-10474G48M-PI
Owner: Doug& Katrina Cunningham
Breeder: Barb Ehlers

Misty Hills Magical Horizons
OFA Not Yet Done
Owner: Barb Ehlers
Breeder: Barb Ehlers

When Barb suddenly died of a clot to the brain on December 3, 2011, her dogs were placed in new loving homes. Vicki returned to Steve and Stan who had owned her dad home,  Kelsi went to one of Barb's best friends Sue and her family, and a wonderful family who had recently lost an older dog adopted Chely & Pindar!  Here are some pictures of Chely & Pindar in their new digs.                             

Chely & Pindar at 11 years old





Chely & Pindar at 12 Years Old