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Pfalcon's Titled Kids



CH. Szizlin's Soar'N Pfalcon JH ROM (out of Danny & Mandy) 

Pictured as a young dog with his mom (above) and as an almost fifteen year old (below)

Pfalcon lived until a few months shy of his 16th birthday, just like his dad, Danny

and in the flirting pose which won him many a heart...captured by Andy Rooney...


Pfalcon's Champions Plus

 (February 1995 - May 2009)
"Lexi" (out of Chelsea)
OFA VZ-5481G29F

(June 1, 1995 - September 2009   )
"Libby" (out of Abbey)
OFA VZ-5874E36F-T

(1995 - 2007)
"Woody"  (out of Abbey)
OFA VZ-5724G31M

"Kestrel"  (out of Abbey)
OFA VZ-6505G27F-T


(1996 - 2012)
"Dart" (out of Effie)
OFA VZ-6062E29M


Photo Not Available

"MC" (out of Effie)
OFA VZ-6024G28F

 (1997 - 2011)
"Trailer" (out of Kizzy)
OFA VZ-6533G26M-T 

"Shana" (out of Destin)
OFA VZ-7192G27F-PI

(1998 - 2012)
"Laszlo" (out of Scully)
OFA  Not Done


NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II
(1998 - 2012)
"Baldur" (out of Scully)
OFA  VZ-7048E24M-PI
"Paige" (out of Dallas)
OFA VZ-9879G31F-PI

"Rose" (out of Lola)
OFA Hips Not Done
"Copa" (out of Lola)
OFA VZ-9172G26M-PI

"Kira" (out of Lola)
OFA VZ-9616G26F-NOPI  CERF Normal

"Shooter" (out of Maggie)
OFA  VZ-8450E24M-PI  

"Darby" (out of Nellie)

"Tosci" (out of Nellie)
OFA VZ-10161G25M-PI

"Grady" (out of Nellie)
OFA: VZ-10835G40M-NOPI

"Summer" (out of Nellie)
OFA Hip VZ-10779F40F-VPI   Elbow VZ-EL764F30-VPI

"Blaze" (out of Nellie)
OFA VZ-10751G24M-PI

"Manda" (out of Ptoppir)
OFA VZ-9136G25F-PI    
"Revi" (out of Ptoppir)
OFA VZ-9504G32F-PI

"Indy" (out of Purse)
OFA  VZ-8710G24M-PI   CERF VZ-463


"Kobi" (out of Purse)

"Pindar" (out of Vickie)
OFA VZ-9425G28M-PI
"Autumn"  (out of Vela)
OFA Hips VZ-10867G29F-VPI    Elbows VZ-EL926F29-VPI    
  CERF  VZ-806     Thyroid VZ-TH309/27F-PI

"Jolli" (out of Vela)
OFA Hip VZ-10641G24M-VPI    Elbow VZ-EL852M24-VPI 
CERF VZ-785 Cardiac VZ-CA144/27M/C-VPI
"Magnum" (out of Vela)
OFA Hip VZ-10775G27M-PI


"Kilee" (out of Carly)
OFA Hip VZ-11326G28F-VPI   CERF VZ-864 
"Hudson" (out of Carly)
OFA Hip VZ-11141G24M-VPI    CERF VZ-868




Pfalcon's Other  Titled Kids


"Gigi" (out of Nellie)
OFA  Hips Not Done

"Pumpkin"  (out of Lola)
OFA Hips Not Done
 (1997 - 2012)
"Spice" (out of Jessica)
OFA VZ-6497E28F
(1997 - 2012)
"Soleil" (out of Kizzy)
OFA VZ-6437E24F-T


"Pez" (out of Berry)
OFA Hips Not Done

(on left, with sister Paige)
"Jasper" (out of Dallas)
OFA Hips Not Done
"Casey" (out of Maggie)
OFA  VZ-8541E26M-PI

"Rose" (out of Sprite)
OFA VZ-10096F44F-PI


"Belle" (out of Purse)
OFA Not Done (Spayed)

"Libby" (out of Purse)
OFA  Not Yet Done (Spayed)
Aldesz Star Spangled Banner JH
"Banner" (out of Purse)
OFA Not Done (Neutered)

"Raina" (out of Vela)
OFA VZ-10629F29F-VPI     CERF VZ-683

"Layla" (out of Daizee)
OFA Not Done
"Max" (out of Maggie)
OFA  Not Done


"Margo" (out of Carly)
OFA Hips Not Done


  If you have a Pfalcon son or daughter that we have not listed above, or whose titles above are inaccurate, please let us know so that your pup can be accurately included!


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