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Photo Gallery

"Ain't We Sweet"


Zee Zee Pazza


Honey getting ready for a night on the town


Ripley out of Pfalcon & Ptoppir with His Kitty


Merlin and His Kitty


Ripley & His Kitty (Kitty asks, "may I go live with Merlin, please"?)



Baci & Apricot! Baci (aptly named as Baci is kiss in Italian)

practicing dentistry without a license.



Say what? Revi out of Pfalcon & Ptoppir



Shall We Dance? Nikki (out of Pfalcon & Nellie) & Chuckles (out of a feline)



Kira & The City out of Lola & Pfalcon

Siren out of Ptoppir & Chase says "I hate weeding"




Karma's just tooo cooooooooooooool



Haley & Tristyn - the obsolescence of blankets!



JB says, "OK. I've seen the trick! now, where is the treat?"



 Kylie says, "It is all about the accessories, dahling".



Roma, with Mommy and Daddy - My Turn!!!




Rosie....97, 98, 99, 100....Ready or Not, Here I Come