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Photo Gallery

"In The Field"

Gunner Fall 2012




Dexter (Vela x Boo)


Banner (Bred by Zarya Vizslas, out of Zack x Kia)


Molly Jo at a Year



Molly Meets Her First Bird (at 10 weeks out of Vela-Boo)




Autumn (CAN FDJr  out of Pfalcon x Vela)



Blaze (SH out of Pfalcon x Nellie)




Indy (SH out of Pfalcon x Purse)




Mandy (JH out of Trademark x Deavor)



 NAVHDA Prize I GIRL: Karma  - by land and by sea (CAN FD out of Kes x Dillon)





NAVHDA Prize III GIRL: Siren  (JH out of Ptoppir x Chase)




 Dallas (JH out of Raisa x Risky)


Trailer (JH out of Kizzy-Pfalcon)




Zoltan (JH out of Mandy x DJ)


 Shooter (DC & MH out of Maggie x Pfalcon)


   Lola (out of Maggie x Pfalcon)



NAVHDA Prize I Girl Tristyn (CAN FDJr out of Brave-Vela)