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Photo Gallery

"With Their Kids"


Children should ALWAYS be supervised with their vizsla(s),

 no matter how sweet and gentle the vizsla(s) may be...




Ziva serenading Nika


Gung Ho Gunner


Rusty! Finally a boy!


Basie and Her Three Sisters


Gary (Bodi x Ruffian) with his kids!



Penny (Hudson x Vela) with one of her kids!


Kuna (Manda x Bodi) with little brother Lucca as time goes by...


Eli (Chase x Ptoppir) with his big sister!!


Four Sisters - Honey (Remi x Kes) and Her Sisters



Uncle Titan (out of Brave x Ptoppir) being kissed by nephew Tyler.



Mazi (out of Brave x Manda) says to Oliver, "Share, share"!



Virginia Arnold and her two brothers, Cooper  (on right, Brave x Ptoppir) and Bodi (on left, Pfalcon x Vela)......................  

and when Cooper and Bodi get a little playful, you get a great shot like the one below!



Ruffian (out of Brave x Manda) with cousin Emma Black



Sisters Samantha (out of Greg & Kim)  & Autumn (out of Vela-Pfalcon)



Miley (out of Vela x Boo) & Emily (out of Ralph & Diana)



Dallas (out of Risky X Raisa) & Emily (out of Ralph & Diana)



Sit, Tober! out of Ptoppir-Brave



Wyatt & Ernie & Ernie out of Kes-Boo



First Day Home! Molly out of Boo x Vela  in Heaven!



Kistler out of Pfalcon x Lola with his new baby brother



A couple of months later, Samantha is willing to play

 the piggy game with Autumn on her hands!


Samantha wants nothing to do with any stories about little piggies

going to market, Autumn (out of Pfalcon x Vela)!


Alternate Means of Transportation


Gidday-up?  commands Emma                               


  Tom says "Mush" to his reindeer Jake

Three Cover Girls  (Tailor & Paige with Logan out of Remy & Kestrel)



Emily & Paige  (out of Ralph & Diana and Pfalcon & Dallas)



Jack & Elwood (Raisa x Rocky)



Tom & Jake (Remy x Kes) - An all around relationship!

From Bather to Pillow

And then Jake, Along Came Jenna


"Puppy Love" - Our daughter, Danielle,  with one

of the Mandy-Danny Puppies

"Two Headed Vizsla" - Our son Barry and Pfalcon


Barry and Dani with Raisa and Mandy (above) and

with the 1991 Mandy-Danny Litter (below)




Emma's Handling Debut! Above Practice with Emma

(Chase x Ptoppir) & Below SHOW Teddy




Lydia & Basie (Remy x Kes) - Time For a Nap



Vanya & Sister (Pfalcon son out of Vickie) -

Looks like a kiss is coming!



Satch (Mandy x Danny 14 1/2 years) & Hunter

(Vela x Brave 9 weeks) & Their Children



...and with their grandpas!!! Noah with Grandpa Jacobs




Sadie and AJ - Pretty Comfy & Who Done It? HE did!